In House Electrical Design Service

We offer full electrical design office services:-

  • Development of technical specifications for design & installation.
  • Production of complete working drawings using Amtech Cable and Lighting Design software.
  • We have a significant competitive advantage over many electrical contractors in that our design team works alongside our clients to develop a more detailed design specification. This results in lower cost, reduces repetition and correction work - shrinking the contract period and the project cost. Further, this process enables us to better identify and then meet, the client’s true requirements.


Electrical discrimination
Electrical design

Lighting Design

T E Ramm are able to offer our clients a full lighting design service.  Using the latest powerful lighting modelling software our experienced engineers are able to provide simple scheme designs or complex photorealistic visualisations for internal and external projects. Should you require a design to meet the restrictions of you local authority in order for them to grant planning permission we can help.

Lighting design planning permission

Light trespass is light being cast where it is not wanted or needed, such as light from a streetlight or a floodlight that illuminates a neighbour's bedroom at night making it difficult to sleep.

What is light pollution?

Light pollution is an unwanted consequence of outdoor lighting and includes such effects as sky glow, light trespass, and glare. An illustration of both useful light and the components of light pollution are illustrated in Figure 2. Sky glow is a brightening of the sky caused by both natural and human-made factors. The key factor of sky glow that contributes to light pollution is outdoor lighting.

Figure 2. Example of useful light and light pollution from a typical pole-mounted outdoor luminaire